Saturday, March 19, 2011

Two Unusual Finds

Yesterday we re keyed a foreclosed house and I found these decorative knife, fork, spoon and ladle in the kitchen dishwasher..they were splattered with grease. I ran them through the dishwasher and hot water..they came out sparkling clean. I also found these unusual aluminum items..we believe they are for squeezing citrus and garlic.....
I'd never seen any of these before..and have no idea if they are vintage or not...there are no makers marks..there is a tiny chip on the ladle that is almost unnoticeable unless you look for it, otherwise in very good condition...there are holes for hanging on the back of the utensils. No damage on the aluminum pieces.
Any ideas, anyone? I know that decorative utensils were popular to hang  in the 60s and 70s...

We woke up early to cloudy skies, cooler temperatures and rain....took all the peat pots into the garage as we didn't want them drenched.....and also we put a little rain coat on the dog..he's in the garage too..Kingston was really sick yesterday....both ends....and we watched him carefully...evidently he'd eaten something that didn't agree with him.....just came him lots of water and he slept most of the day....he's recovered now..Alan found him chewing on mulch bark which may have been the culprit...he took it away quickly......poor puppy doesn't know that some things are just plain bad to eat!
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