Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another cool morning with fog...so longing for some sunshine....I know how you all feel in colder climates..spring can't come soon enough, can it? Later today, we are going to be making a road trip to Encintas, Ca,.a beach city so hopefully I'll have some photos...the weatherman says it will clear and warm up....its supposed to get up to 76 degrees today.....but then us Californians have thin blood...anything in the 50s seems cold to me....its what you get used to.

Did I ever mention that I was a Jobs Daughter as a teen? My dad was in the Masons....I say this as I entered into the organization in Encinitas...although I was part of Bethel 139..in Oceanside, they had a special ceremony in Encinitas....its a young women charitable group, based on the book of Job...mainly it was to make friends, do good works, and built character in young women....we dressed in long gowns with different cords that showed what rank you were......mostly purple and white cords...I still have my purple one....it seems a little weird now but as a very shy teenager, participating really helped my shyness and I gained confidence...its what my dad wanted although I entered kicking and screaming...the thing that was great..in Jobs Daughters, you don't have to be from a certain social class, be the best athlete, or be the most popular girl in school..there is an element of theater in it with the different ceremonies which is rather fun....
my dad later left the Masons because at the time, they didn't let African Americans participate..since that time though, things have changed for the better. I do remember Job's Daughters  with fondness ...memorizing all the scripture brought me closer to the Lord.