Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thoughts on a Tuesday

I don't know but as I get older, it seems like day light savings time is rougher every year....took us two days to recover from the time change..do you have have the same reaction?

Today we drove to San Diego to escrow rekey one house and to do a cash for keys on another one....cash for keys is a program that many banks have, the previous owner will sweep clean the house and leave it in good condition, the bank will offer them a certain amount of money for the keys....its a good thing for both parties as the bank gets the house back in somewhat good condition and the home owner gets enough $ to put towards a rental. Although sometimes, people don't really understand what swept clean  is...the house we re keyed yesterday was rather a mess, with trash by the curb, and messy rooms....the realtor wasn't very happy...
Today the house was clean, but someone had taken a perfectly fine 1950s house, remodeled it badly and painted it garish colors,  bright mustard yellow and deep burgundy walls in the main part, one florescent green bedroom and another room painted with large dots and stripes...the realtor went through with her assistant, and together they wrote down everything that would have to be done..first thing was call the paint contractor.The living room had been cut in two and made another bedroom out of  half..I heard the realtor calling her building contractor.....another restoration which should make the house much like it was originally.

Speaking of houses..I added an additional page on this blog for interesting house and cottage photos..so far I have all the photos we took in Redlands, Ca and hope to add more to this in the future.....some of the photos you may have seen, but there are some others I've never posted before.