Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Signs of Spring ,Tomato Seeds and Mustard Seed Faith

The nectarine tree is in full bloom now and looks beautiful.....the bees love it too...the peach tree is budding and has a few blooms so in a week or so, it will be in full bloom too....the apple takes longer..

Mrs. Quack is very broody right now..built herself a nest under our African sumac tree and is sitting on about 8 eggs..we don't have heart to take them away...she carefully lined the nest with her downy feathers, and leaves.....she's been sitting on it periodically most days...
Pekin ducks are not known to be good mothers but perhaps she's an there's  no male duck,  she has a long wait!
We got our order of tomato seeds from Penny's Tomatoes..and planted the 12 varieties  in peat pots...we could still get some cold nights so thought better of putting them directly in the ground....the tomato seeds are all organic and heirloom varieties....I love some of the names....Mortgage Lifter for one..others are Two Timing Willie, Pineapple and Bodacious Beefsteak....they came very quickly after ordering and we got free shipping as they were running a special the weekend we ordered.  Alan also ordered some cherry tomatoes too. Both yellow and red varieties.....all of us like the cherries, as well as our animal family..both the duck and  the dog love them....Alan ordered Chocolate Cherry and Golden Cherry.....
Last week I think I mentioned we had planted onion and potato starts..they are all coming up! That was fast...and we discovered the dog likes onions so we're having to keep him he eats the tops of the onions as they that odd?

 Prayers going out for one can really be prepared for a 8.9 earthquake...its just too brother and his family on Oahu were evacuated and spent a harrowing night in a shelter but are home damage or injuries there...the big island got the worst of it but it wasn't near as bad as it could have been..California and the west coast was on watch but no problems to speak of....we are just too far away....the surfers loved it though..
Some people get so alarmed and fearful...when we know that God is in control, we can have peace through the storm....yes, its good to be prepared..and we can all do more of that..but after doing all, give it to God....
Many feel strongly we're seeing the last days, and if that is true, there will be more and greater disasters ahead. So while you are preparing in physical ways..storing food, water and supplies, prepare spiritually too..