Sunday, March 6, 2011

Clara, Great Depression Cooking

I have posted several of Clara's you tube cooking demonstrations before which are always a delight and her stories are so interesting..wanted you to know she also has a book!
Older people have so many stories to families older members are all about gone now....if you still have older people in your family, cherish them....I know I do...
You may order  Clara's book through my Amazon widget,  and I get a small percentage...there are only 7 of her books left!
We worked on the garden Sunday....planted some beets, and put tomato seeds in peat pots..the weather was very nice, warm and the 70s...we had planted red potatoes and onions earlier in the week. We've also been working on our taxes, its THAT time Alan and I pulled out some of the big pieces of furniture, and cleaned behind them..guess that counts as spring cleaning! Still loads to do, but we got a good start on it....
Our granddog is barking right now..its in the evening and he wanted me to tuck in him...he waits to go to sleep until I wrap a blanket over him in his kennel, say "nite, nite" and turn off the light...he sleeps in the garage....he looks so cute all wrapped up with  just his nose sticking through the covers...the garage is insulated and warm...and he doesn't have to deal with 3 cats.