Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Chat

Just finished these willow primitive tags...they will be in my online shop....I'm also going to be stitching more towels which will be going to a consignment store in Washington state.....always have to be stitching if I'm not gardening!
Our regular business has been slow this week so Alan has continued working on the garden you may know, this was lawn just three years ago....we decided to take all the lawn out completely and put a wooden walkway around the area.....
the garden slopes towards the patio and when it rains, we have a muddy mess so this should help..
Here is the one side finished...still a work in progress....this section of lawn wasn't really being used for anything and was wasted space. A short brick wall is going in also as the garden itself is  higher than the project is to stain the fence that you can see at the far end.....I like to paint so that will be fun.....its been rather cool, rainy and haven't been able to stain it yet.....

Over the weekend, we splurged a little, and bought several new DVD's at our favorite store, Fry's,, there are only two that I know of, although I know there must be more...its a fantastic store...mostly computers, office supplies, and such. Usually, I'm not too crazy about going to such stores..more a guy thing but this store is just so much fun.....they forbid any photos but I did manage to sneak we are looking through the DVD collections..this is just one aisle..there are about 10-15 aisles...and you can find just about any DVD you are looking for..we like the BBC mysteries so added two for our collection...Inspector Lewis and Inspector Lynley..
Its a huge warehouse type store....under the sea decorations with mosaics on the walls of sea creatures, a huge saltwater aquarium as you come in, a snack bar, and more....its a treat to go there...we got our TV antenna  also on another the little monitor I am using.

A reader asked if Quack was still sitting on her eggs...she had about 15 in there, which we removed and now there is another 5. We did blow some I've been thinking someone might like them for crafting...the duck eggs are more sturdy  than a chicken egg and larger...difficult to blow..both of us got light headed after doing about a dozen or so...LOL!