Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I don't know if you got see the Restoring Honor rally last Saturday....we watched the entire thing on Glenn Beck's Facebook glad they were able to show it..but before the rally started, what should happen but a large flock of Canadian geese flew overhead in a perfect V....amazing that they should come right at the same time the rally was starting...coincidence?

I've been busy, doing more stitching....have two new, really new candle mats in the works..I think they are the best yet and hope someone will like them too....I'll give you a preview tomorrow when they are further will be time soon to do a know, I don't do them very often so this will be a good one...!

Alan and I went to Santa Ana today to rekey a foreclosed house...long drive for us, so I'm a little is he..of course, he took a nap when he got home...not me....I just am not a nap person....our business looks like its really going to pick up here ...the realty office we work with in San Diego county as told us they've gotten in with both Freddy Mae and Fannie Mack + other government agency for all San Diego county..and will have hundreds of properties to re key really soon....we're hoping to bring in both our sons to help as its more than one person can do....all our hard work is paying off.....

We've also been looking at Hoosier cabinets on Craiglist...we really need more storage in the kitchen...and one of these would fit the bill plus they are just plain wonderful....part of the reason I lost so much in the garage fire is that I had alot of my kitchen appliances in a cabinet out the blender, food processor, ice cream maker, etc. no room in the kitchen for them....but we do have wall space...right now the piano is there but that can be moved into the living room.....hopefully, we will see the right one at the right price soon...can hardly wait....this one is in the running..