Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tim Hawkins....GPS

this is so  true..we have a Tom Tom GPS and occasionally it goes a little crazy or perhaps mischievous ..the other day, our youngest took his car to the DMV in a neighboring town with his dad to get it registered in his name...I got a call, he'd locked the keys in the I hustled down there with Dad's tools so they could open it......put the address to the DMV into  the Tom Tom.....(.Alan has the voice sound like a Cylon from Battle Star Galatica...I expect any minute to hear it say  "By Your Command" in that metallic voice but curiously, we don't get tired of that voice)....I dutifully followed the directions and found myself going in circles."Turn left here, then left, take the next left..""Turn left"...found myself passing the same sign twirler 4 times..started waving as I went by...fortunately, I had printed out directions which I grabbed after the 5th time, and found I was only a block away from  the DMV !

The parking lot was very crowded and I drove through it, looking for my sons' car which I parked behind while the two guys quickly opened the a crowd of curious onlookers too.... Alan has the coolest tool for opening cars..takes all of 10 seconds to open the door but as they had a audience, made it look a little harder...where I parked, the logo on the side of the car was for all to see so we got some totally free advertising...can't hurt.!...