Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Dog of the Week- Sunny Girl

This is Sunny Girl...she is a Chihuahua mix...I think she looks like a little fox myself. She is so cute and very friendly, just like her name.....she's about a year old and ready for her forever home.....the vet says she's healthy, had all her shots and has been spayed...
Not recommended for homes with small children as she is very small....if you are interested in Sunny or would like more information about the Sun City K9 Rescue...just click here
The vet where the rescue takes their dogs has gone up in price.....still less than other places but if
you feel you'd like to help them out..they do take donations and its all tax deductible.

We took one of our new cats up to the vet to get him neutered......we've been calling around our area for a low cost vet or clinic...they are all full up until April....finally found one that would take him but is a longer 30 mile drive one way...I am glad to see how many are helping to stop the over population problem and only wish more vets would extend this service in the area..make the cost affordable for the average person....most wanted over $300 for females and $200 for males. We're getting the deed done for much less.

We've been working on the big move...Matt moved most of his things into Don's old room and we're getting the old room ready for our new boarder...he called and wants to move in a little early as where he's living is very far away from his school and work...we agreed so have to get things pushed up a little. Amazing how much dust and debris are under beds! Josh will be moving in this weekend, I only 3 days to get the room ready for him.....

Our weather has been absolutely fabulous...warm and sunny, in the low 80s....we started some tomato seeds in peat pots yesterday...and have the garden ready for roto tilling.....I did hear that we may be more rain is another photo I took yesterday....San Bearnadino Mountains..I feel blest to live in such lovely country..sometimes I get a little bogged down in our problems when I look out and see the mountains, sheep, blue skies and wildflowers...makes me feel so much better and know our problems are only temporary.....

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