Friday, February 26, 2010

Upland vintage homes

As I are a few photos of the nice vintage homes in Upland...we also noticed they had an historic downtown with antique shops which would be fun to visit...

We really enjoyed our visit....the house we re keyed was a vintage one but had been heavily is the front of it..We both prefer to keep with the original and just update what really needs to plumbing, etc...but to each his own...the person who remodeled did a good will be a lovely home when finished..

you can see all the French doors we had to re key..there were many more at the back also....nice front courtyard though....the house looks small from the front but its quite spacious inside...has one large master and a smaller room that could be a second bedroom..nice kitchen area and dining room too but as I mentioned..they must have run out of funds as it went back to the bank...not finished inside yet....a good investment.....all the main work was done, hardwood floors, granite counter tops and new cabinets....they even left blue prints for the new owner so they could finish....

I went to several estate sales yesterday...didn't find very much..a nice vintage oil lamp, and this pretty crocheted centerpiece

I have to get the hurricane top for the oil lamp..I collect them and will share one of these days...they are sure handy when the power goes out!