Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Dog of the Week - Little Dude

Meet Little Dude..a 3 year old pure bred Jack Russel terrier...his owner could no longer take care of him....he loves loves loves to ride in the car with his owner..quick to learn and doesn't bark constantly...loves other dogs and people..he is house trained. He is active (as all terriers are) but loves to cuddle also... all around great dog for a can find Little Dude and many other wonderful rescued pets at Sun City K9 Rescue.....rescued pets are the best way to get a new family member pet..many just need a chance and have been given up because of our bad economy...please support especially no kill shelters as they are only funded by our donations.

Locksmithing is slow this week so we are concentrating on getting our garden ready for spring planting as I posted about yesterday. Last year we started the garden and did fairly well for the first year....this year we are working on improving the soil, putting an edge around it to keep out the lawn and growing lots of tomatoes! There are two garden areas measuring about 15 ft by 20 ft.each .giving us plenty of room.....We also have fruit trees, a peach, nectarine, apple and fig....boysenberry bushes..and strawberries....all in a 10,00 sq. ft. lot. Even us in the city can grow enough for our family and perhaps help a few others too.
a wonderful Australian blog that has given me alot of inspiration is Down to Earth
lots of good simple advice for gardening in the city....