Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Chat

A artist I follow has some wonderful prim items she's created on her blog and I just had to share with you...this one is my favorite..my MIL collects cardinals.....and I think this one is the bomb...what do you think? You can find him and much much more at BayRaysChild..she also has a wonderful wonderful Basset hound, other birds and dolls so I hope you will take a look...great eye candy..I hope one day to be able to purchase something from her..
My sales have been flat since Christmas and I need to get going with some creations myself....mostly been organizing and cleaning, Saturday..I was cleaning out the fridge when Alan decided to help...a cursory clean job turned into a major one when he took the entire fridge insides apart...it was a good thing too....really grungy in spots.....guys are good to have around, aren't they?
I rewarded him with a apple/cranberry pie, sugarfree

I am finding the pie crust recipe from Pioneer Woman needs to have less shortening...I used a cup instead of a cup and a half..much easier to roll out and only tore in one spot this time....I also think I should have used an egg wash on the top so it would have browned a little more..with no sugar..browning can be a problem....but it was so tasty. I also baked a single crust and froze it to make a cream pie later.....Alan's partial to banana cream pie...