Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Dog of the Week and a Birthday

Introducing Rossy..a sweet little girl...about 4 years old..a short haired Chihuahua....she weighs less than 8 lbs..was given up by her owner due to financial distress....she is the newest dog at the rescue and as she is such a cutie, won't last can find her at the Sun City K9 Rescue

If you've wondered about any of the dogs I've featured in the last year....if they've been can check here Its amazing and delightful to see how many have found their forever home......if you are thinking about adopting a friend..please check your local rescue group or shelter...there are so many that need a loving home..if there is a certain breed you are looking for....most shelters will take down the information and when that breed is available will call you....

Today is my sweeties 60th birthday!
Happy Days, Alan!