Thursday, January 28, 2010

I've been having trouble with my monitor..mine died (RIP) this last weekend...and I'm using a old one that only lets me work for about 5 minutes before starting to flicker like crazy..I then have to turn it off, wait 10 minutes and then go from there...over and over again...rather frustrating..hopefully we'll be able to get a new one soon....I can't go on some sites either as the same thing happens immediately.....
The above photo is of our new rug! We re keyed a wonderful home yesterday and in one corner was this rug, rolled up..we couldn't believe when we unrolled it as it is stains or wear..clean..all I did was vacuum when we brought it home..( anything left over 18 days is abandoned.) It is lovely big home with a lake view..I wanted to show you but Alan took the memory card to send photos to the realtor....
The home was large but very had been built back in the 70s..the garage had as much square feet as our entire house..(1500) and had a bathroom. nice oak floors throughout...lots of french doors..we re keyed the bottom floor and there were 8 locks...I really liked the kitchen as it had a walk in pantry, island, but wasn't really big like some of them are...I like a smaller kitchen as I don't want to have to walk 20 ft. to get an ingredient.

I wanted to share something from another blog that is something I've been thinking of alot. We've been turning on to a local LA TV station, mostly to hear the weather report (we usually just watch FOX) since I've haven't watched regular TV just struck me how much time they devote to least 40% if not more is just plain gossip....I think we need to get back to more wholesome pursuits...and Sugar Pie Farmhouse says it much better than I could...if you like what she has to say..she does have a free newsletter too. Ruthie used to live here in California.

Big Bear is open again..they opened the next someone wondered about the town and lake...I've posted a link. My uncle used to live up there and had a A frame was fun visiting him...he had a little monkey at the time which was a kick and fed squirrels outside his kitchen..
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