Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Second English Trip

While in London, the second trip, we enjoyed many of the sites and sounds of the city...it was the year of the Falkland war, and also the play "Evita" was the big London hit. One night while we were in the flat, we heard young people outside singing....."Don't Cry for Me, Argentina.."
We discovered London plays and saw two, "Evita" which was absolutely fantastic and also
"Little Foxes" with the still lovely Elizabeth Taylor. It was one of the last plays she did before she retired.
More important than that, we went to Hyde Park and discovered speakers corner...its an area of the park set aside for public speaking, anyone can go, get up on a chair, box or whatever and say whatever they want. People drift by, listen, comment or not and go on. Very interesting place...while we were there, we heard someone with an American accent up on a box talking about salvation and Jesus...of course, we had to investigate....it was a Calvary Chapel pastor from LA! there were several hecklers in the crowd, as there always is, giving him a hard time...we both started praying quietly...the heckler got worse, started shouting rather rude and obscene things..no one noticed...we kept praying..when the heckler realized no one was noticing him, he walked away. Alan and I went over to the pastor and introduced ourselves. The pastor asked Alan if he wanted to speak, so he got up and talked about God's great love for each person there, how He longed to be in relationship and how sin had separated man from God,,how Jesus had laid down His life as a bridge between God and man and how we needed to
repent and accept Jesus's death....very simple Gospel message....afterwards, he and I counseled several people on a personal level...while the pastor continued preaching....it was great...several wanted to come to church with us but we were unfamiliar with churches in London, didn't know where to go..when the pastor came over again, and told us about the Westminster Chapel, referred the others there as well.
The next day was Sunday, so we found out where the church was and went. It was in an old old church building, we sat on one of the upper levels...beautiful organ music that filled the entire room. great worship, we couldn't help it, were so happy and thankful to find fellowship so far from home, we both lifted our hands and worshipped the Lord...the Calvary chapel pastor was there too with his family so here we were
about 7 of us, in the upper level, in praise and worship..the only ones that were lifting hands, British people are more reserved.
Guess who the guest speaker was? Arthur Blessit! our old friend from the Jesus people concert days... and guess what he spoke about.....praise and worship! we went down and spoke with him after the service...he said he noticed our group and knew we were from California....remembered the Oceanside Jesus People concerts.....

please pray for Britain...God has moved so much in her history, we visited the first Methodist church where the Wesley brothers started, the Salvation Army started there, they have a rich history however now as in most of Europe, the Church at a low point.. They have huge cathedrals, humble village churches, everywhere is reminders of what Britain used to be, ....Reivial is greatly needed.