Monday, December 17, 2007

Cranberry Apple Relish

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This is the other traditional recipe Alan fixes for both Thanksgiving and Christmas..its so good, I eat it as a snack....
there are no real measurements but this is what you do...
get about 3 bags of fresh cranberries...sort them out as there sometimes is a bad one.
use 1 large sweet red apple, a large sweet orange and some walnuts, how many is up to you..
get a food processor or grinder, grind the cranberries to a medium grind, then the apple,orange, then the walnuts.....combine together, sweeten this mixture with some sugar to taste, we use splenda or equal, and let it stand for a few hours in the fridge...simple but so so good and you can feel righteous about eating and serving it...pretty color too....I have a pink Depression glass bowl I usually serve this in..the pink and red relish look fantastic together.