Monday, December 10, 2007

Just read what I wrote yesterday....we did survive and God has blessed us much. We have always tried to be faithful and search the scipitures to check speakers, teachings, etc to see if they conform....if Mike and Bev had done that....things might have been different...
anyway, that was over 25 years ago......
now for some fun stuff..
we were able to go to Great Britian twice, first in 1981 and again in 1983...the first time, my dear mom came brother was stationed in Heathrow at the Air Force base and rented a apartment in a tiny village called Yoxford....the building he lived in was very old, he found writing on one of the walls, from 1617.It had been used for many things over the years, including a post office and a libary. we had to walk up very narrow stairs, the rooms were small but very cozy and warm. I loved it...his wife, Rose, greeted us with tea and biscuits served with pretty cups and a lace covered
serving tray.
All 3 of us were so amazed at the English countryside, the tiny village and the friendly people. We were like children, exploring and having such fun. One evening we walked down to the local pub, drank Woodpecker cider, and played darts. Another time,my brother took us to a larger pub in a adjoining village, and we had a pub lunch, prawns, chips, sliced tomatoes and baked beans. Chips are French fries.
We took several trips to London, saw a lot of the regular tourist sites, the Wax museum, Buckingham castle and the changing of the guards, Wesminster Cathedral, Tower of London, etc. it was wonderful. My mom went a little nuts buying antiques and carrying them home...she mailed her clothes home and carried everything onto the plane or in the baggage compartment. Here's this tiny lady, carrying a pink mirror onto the plane, fortunately it fit in the overhead container. I have it, the mirror glass is actually pink. Its about 3' across...I think it may have been over a dresser at one time.
The second trip, Alan and I went by ourselves....we had a month, so had a second honeymoon..rented a flat (apartment) in London, booked a lot of daytours outside of London, and got rail passes. The first day we got there, I went to bed as I was so tired from the long 16 hour air flight. Alan can sleep anywhere, but I just can't, not on a plane anyway. While I was sleeping, Alan walked across the street to Hyde Park and took photos.
The apartment had a kitchen, with a tiny cooker (stove) and fridge. We went to the local grocery store and bought a few groceries...our first meal was in the flat, we roasted a chicken. Watched BBC, which was very bleak.....there was only 3 channels of TV...but we didn't care...we were in England!
I will tell more about our trip in my next was a more eventful trip than the first one although they were both great. I would love to go again.