Friday, December 7, 2007

Rainy Friday Musings

Today we woke up to rain and cooler temperatures....the wind was there too and our big old elm tree in the front yard was raining leaves...the lawn and the street are covered with them, soggy and golden against the black. Winter has come to Southern California. We don't have as cold as temperatures as you have in other parts of the country but we do have seasons, especially when you leave the coast.
The first year we moved here from the ocean, it it does happen. The snow stayed on the ground for about a day or so. The kids had a great time, I took our youngest who was 14 , over into the low hills and we found a large group of kids sliding down the hillsides, making snowmen and having a wonderful time. We both kinda wish we could have moved up here sooner.....such a great area to raise children but circumstances were beyond our control, the Lord had His reasons....

Alan has gotten a lot of locksmith calls in the last 3 days, and he is now the official locksmith of another REO we have 3 we are working with. Our business is slowly building up as word gets out. They all seem delighted to find someone local to do this work and want his business cards to pass around to other Realtors..... We both think this is the Lord's doing and we give Him the Glory...
its still tough financially but every month gets better.
Hopefully this can be an example of what is possible with faith. If you
get laid off, just look at it as a new opportunity.

Tomorrow, I think we are going to get into our Christmas boxes and start decorating..I re arranged the living room today and vaccumed really well, making room for the tree...our ceiling is very high there so we have a 12 ft prelit glad to get it too, for so many years, I was the official light person, remember hours of untangling and testing dad gave me the job when I was 12.
I will get back to the memories...the next part is a difficult one....the church, Mike and Bev took a different turn and things went sideways....we hung around not wanting to leave our church " family" perhaps we stayed too long but its getting late so that will be for another day. Plus we went to Great Britain twice which was and is very cool...