Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Yesterday we worked  putting a few things back into the garage..wanted to show you what the epoxy paint looks like on the garage floor...its a shiny finish and we really like it.....washes and sweeps like a dream....our oldest son was goofing around and break danced on it, leaving a few black shoe marks but they wiped off easily......we just got the plain finish for the garage but the contractor said they have many treatments....they can put designs, etc. in it. I asked him about patios and they treat those also....it isn't slick either as Alan was concerned about that...the only thing left is painting the inside door and also the stucco on one wall on the outside.....and we are good to go...am looking forward to getting the rest of our things back that have been in storage......it will be a little like Christmas again!

You may have noticed that I put a little Amazon widget on the side on the blog... am recommending a few books on canning we've used..mostly Ball and Rodale press....its certainly not canning time yet but it does help to look through the books for ideas on what  you want to grow...Rodale has been around a long time....and has excellent for organic gardening....I bought two packets of leaf lettuce seeds yesterday...I like to grow lettuces in a barrel or large pot in the very early spring...the last two years we've had nice lettuce for salads and sandwiches...I just use good soil and throw the different lettuce seeds all over it...lightly sprinkle water and we are good to go.....if there is a frost warning, I cover the baby lettuce to protect it...works really well and is so easy. Its my personal project..growing leaf lettuce....
I will be using the software this week from the ProOrganic people...let you know how it goes..we've been so busy with the restoration that I haven't gotten into it yet.........its all online which is handy...

if you are reading this and haven't signed up for the General Foods giveaway..please do! the link is on the left side of the blog......I will draw the winning name on the 12th!
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