Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Here is a link for a free dinner or supper at IHOP..the coupon is just good for today so be quick! Here is the link.
we are going later for a late one get one free is a good thing....and IHOP does have regular entrees, you are not limited to pancakes....

I wanted to ask for prayer for a young man who is being deployed to Afghanistan today..he is a young Marine, a neighbor boy who we've known about 6 years....last night he came by the house to say goodbye..I made sure to give him our address so he can write..where they are going, no phones or computers....praying for protection and health...his name is Chance... .
God bless our troops...regardless of how you feel about Afghanistan, these  young men and women are doing their duty and going into very scary places....
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