Thursday, February 3, 2011

Antique Photo, a little Family History and more

I ran into this old antique photo...thought I would share....this photo is of my great grandmother, Mary Roberta Barrier ( Minnis)..the older girl in the dark dress is Gladys, the little girl in the white dress is Katie and the boy on grandmothers lap is my grandfather, James William....note his cute high top shoes...this photo was taken in Carrolton, Missouri, around 1889 as James was born in 1886. Gladys, grew up and married, little Katie died in the great flu epidemic of 1919 having never married.
I am privileged to have two quilts Mary Roberta made during the Depression and cherish them greatly....I will have to post photos so you can see her fine mother remembered her working on the quilts when she spent one winter with them, in the 1930s.
Grandpa always had a garden, even unto old age...he and Grandma did alot of canning and preserving....they even had a root cellar and would drive to Montana and Idaho to buy large bags of potatoes, onions, carrots, etc to store there for the winter.....even through the terrible Depression, they always had enough to eat...they even made their own root beer ! Mom remembered occasionally there would be a loud POP come from the basement, which meant a cork had blown off the fermenting brew....  
I will be doing a review of a interesting program for gardeners, called Pro Organic They have asked me to do a 30 day trial of their program so I started yesterday.....its a way to organize your garden space well, time the planting, gives you planning software and is a  source for organic gardening.....I'll let you know  how it goes as we start planning our garden for this year.....they recommend we don't start actual planting until the middle to the end of March for our area.....I'll let you know how it goes, how easy (or hard!) the program is for those of us that are not real computer savvy (like me) and how helpful (or not) it is.....they also will come out and set up your organic garden raised boxes, garden beds, etc. I don't know more than that at this time....we'd like to eventually go to raised beds as I think it would be easier to take care of as we get older....
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