Friday, February 25, 2011

Hoop House Gardening and Rain

I am continuing sharing some gardening tips..found this hoop design on Youtube and thought it was interesting..great for starting seeds under if your weather isn't too severe.We bought some peat pots the other day and are starting our seeds..mainly tomato...
Alan tells me a neighbor has put raised planters in his front yard so will have to check that out..maybe he'll let me take a photo to show you..Alan says the neighbor was outside harvesting lettuce the day he walked by.
Another storm is supposed to be coming in today and through the weekend....low snow levels too..we need all the rain we can get so no complaints..last year, our fire season wasn't bad at all, mainly because it rained through the year...we even had rain in July which is very very unusual for Southern California....if that's because of the "global weather change" its a good thing.
History teaches us that Southern California used to be much wetter than it is now..lots of underground rivers and dry river beds here...I was even born in a dry lake bed...According to history, the Spanish explorers used to sail their ships up some of the rivers , like the San Luis Rey river in Oceanside. So time will tell, I guess.....

My birthday was was a quiet day....everybody was working but in the evening, our youngest brought home Chinese food as he knows I love it..I had orange chicken and fried alot of nice cards and letters...and Alan gave me a favorite DVD collection which I watched part of last night..
right now, our boy is at a job interview...hope and pray its the right job...its for a soil retention company, they made blocks for retaining walls and other products.....its here in town also and pays well.....3 day weekends and benefits so we are hopeful.....

 Also wanted to let you know about a fun giveaway at Inside Nanas Head....  guess how much her 4 dogs weigh....the closest wins a mystery prize....I think I guessed too light....she has a new blog template that is very pretty too so check it out!
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