Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week

The rescue has dogs of all ages....and Whiskey is a senior at 11 years old....he is a miniature smooth haired dachshund...his owner could no longer take care of him as they were going into a nursing home...he was a little nervous having his photo taken but really needs a loving home to live out his days...he still has alot of spunk and would make a good companion.
This Saturday adoption fees will be reduced by $50! They are having a special day....having a huge sale of dog related to thrift shop items..everything must can find out more about the rescue, adoption, and the sale at Sun City K9 Rescue

I posted yesterday that we were going on a road trip...we went up to Beaumont, Ca...its north east of us by about 40 miles......pretty foothills close to the San Bearnadino was a tract house.....rather nice but way too big for my taste.......tons of locks and it took us longer than we thought...this was the view from the end of the street.....odd to me that this house was so new and in foreclosure when just two blocks over, they had models and building going the same housing tract...why buy a new house and pay full price when you could go over a block or two and get the same for so much cheaper? Odd to say the least...sign of the times, I guess.

I am getting the dining room ready for Thanksgiving.......haven't found the faux turkey yet but everything else.....we will put the leaf in the table when the time much to be thankful my new readers, the china cabinet that you see was built by my talented husband...the grandfather clock was my mom's...we've been thinking we need to paint again as its been 5 years and starting to show a little wear......I am pushing for a warmer color, not just white.......perhaps a soft sage green, mustard yellow. or a sandy color....Alan is the painter and very conservative.
If I can't talk him into a different color, maybe a different white as there are many...

We watched the election coverage last night....very interesting and I hope the Republicans that were elected, remember that they are the servants and their employers are watching...I hope and pray that God will keep them safe from temptation and hold themselves accountable.