Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Thanksgiving postcards+

I only have a few more Thanksgiving cards.....would really like to start collecting again.......!

One of my mice.... rather chubby...guess he got his feast early...LOL..... these are made from flannel so are very soft.....I am not happy with his hands though...I've been trying to come up with something different......I have to keep them up from the cats as they look at them as toys.....this is one of the larger ones and can be dressed....
speaking of cats......we were watching Cats 101 on the Animal channel the other evening and discovered that our rescue cat, Bandit might very well be a Norwegian Forest Cat! She has all the physical is a stock photo of a pure bred Wegie

here is Bandit
She has the wedge shaped head, stocky build, double coat, and fur between her toes (hobbit like)...she also has the nature, very calm, and loving....her coat never gets matted either...her poor tail is shortened....we think she got it caught in a door at some point...when you feel it, the bones are kinked at the end.
She has the "look" too just as the purebred does.We did some research and found out these are an old breed, and were kept on the Norwegian ships by the Vikings to take care of mice and she is a wonderful mouser. We rescued her from a humane society..she was lucky they kept her as long as they did...they put thousands of animals to sleep every year.