Friday, November 6, 2009

A Nice Surprise

While I was cleaning out and reorganizing my craft chest, I found my dear old friend, Chico......Chico was given to me when I was 3 while I was re cooperating
from surgery at the Balboa Naval Hospital...I was born with a heart vessel defect called Patent ductus arteriosus

the doctors waited as long as they could before operating, at that time, in 1954, it was a risky operation..I was one of the few children that survived at the time and one of the first for that hospital........the other older child had the same surgery at the same time, and she passed the operation is rather common.

I was a very sick little girl....had no energy, and usually just watched the other children play before the surgery...after I was a little firecracker.
I remember the hospital, my bed, and the nice Navy corpsman who would bring me sweets and one gave me this little monkey to keep me company....I loved Chico, he kept me company through loneliness, I remember crying as they wouldn't let Mama stay...I took him every where with me after I left the hospital......

I especially love his sweet little feet!
Do you have a cherished childhood toy or doll? Love to hear your story.....