Saturday, March 27, 2010


I've been hunting online and found a very easy free piano lesson site.....had my first lesson today....very easy..some of the other sites were more difficult and went into music theory, etc. which I really don't is the link if you or someone you know is interested.....this is for someone who has little or no experience Learn Piano Online This is good for key board also.

I am not looking into giving concerts, just for my family's and my enjoyment......This is an fast track program and tomorrow I'll be able to play my first little! I learned where to find C and how the keys are laid out...its not confusing when you understand and I do believe you are never too old to learn something new.....

Our little tomato seedlings will be ready to plant in a few short weeks......I also started some peas.....I found a type of pea that doesn't need staking.....kinda a bush pea.......time will tell if they are successful or not...we do tend to have problems with insects..although with the duck patrolling the lawn..she's been eating a lot of the bothersome moths that like to lay their eggs on our vegetables..she's very quick..the trouble is..she likes to eat just about anything, including the hollyhocks and roses....we're planning on putting up a fence around the garden or our little seedlings will be gone in about 20 seconds!!!