Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I painted the roses..they look a bit bright, even though I watered down the paint...what do you think? I need to make some leaves also..been experimenting but haven't found the exact right fabric yet....I used branches for the stems from our African sumac tree......I am partial to yellow roses......a nice bit of cheerful color in the winter/early spring time..our regular roses aren't blooming yet......anyone could use some silk leaves to tuck in the vase...? anyway just a thought...

Our oldest son is moving back in...the bird is returning to the nest..guess it takes a few tries to get it our boarder is sharing a room with our they are good friends, its not a problem..we are now a family of the 4 cats, duck and 4 turtles...turtles? guess I didn't tell you, Don brought them home last week......they are happily in a little plastic pond on the side of the house...we gave them some goldfish to play and munch on.....they are red sliders.I couldn't get a good photo of them but here is a stock one
I've always liked turtles and wasn't a problem when he asked to bring them home...I did draw the line on the snake though!