Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I know I usually post dog of the week on Wednesday but we left early this morning..I helped Alan re key 3 houses.....and we just got back this afternoon a little late..I am pooped......but it was house had some cool items we were able to take home with us...we also drove by alot of dairy farms and I took tons of photos which I will share tomorrow.....
I wanted to post a couple of photos of our start at Christmas decorating..I don't have much out yet but
This is a very pretty crocheted large doily, trimmed in red..I put one of my candle mats on top

Last year, I made alot of faux baked goods from different mediums..some salt dough (the bread loaf and pie crust, some warm and natural batting (the donuts) and some cinnamon dough (the gingerbread man.(.he looks like a wise guy)..the apple pie is one I made too and smells so good of cinnamon and apples....the red cloth underneath is one of my grandmothers with the huck weaving.....sorry, the lighting isn't too good. I hope to get more out tomorrow...right now, I am all for a cup of tea and put my feet up!