Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We watched the second new movie..Julie and Julia..I really loved it and cracked up when I spied the 99 cent chef's version..... thought you might like it too...he does mention later that he usually uses real butter but the 99 cent store didn't have any the day they filmed...he did use the real deal for the video......we prefer real butter also and use it sparingly..I think its much better and healthier.....
I've never been to the Hollywood Farmers Market but it looks fun from the video....doesn't it? There is supposed to be one in Temecula, not too far from us but haven't gone to that one either..guess I lead a sheltered life......there was one here but it sadly closed down last year......the Hollywood one must be a nightmare for parking......traffic in that area is terrible anyway from our experience....the Temecula one looks promising though...parking there is much better.......plus they are open two days a week and in the Old Town area with interesting thrift and antique shops. How much fun would that be?

Its that time of year again when I have to mention the Bible Gateway's reading plan...if you've always wanted to read the Bible through but didn't have the time...this is a wonderful way to start.....the plan starts on Jan. 1st and they will email you a selection every day...
I have the selections on the side of my blog every day plus, if you click the tiny little speaker under the selection..you can hear it read.
Todays is especially comforting scripture....."Let not your heart be troubled.."
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