Monday, December 28, 2009

My Blog Spark

I signed up some time ago to belong to Blog belongs to General Mills and you get free coupons for items if you promise to blog about them. free coupons, information and coupon link have all been provided by General Mills through My Blog Spark ...I got 4 free coupons for cereal last week and just got my 4 boxes....I chose two boxes for my 18 year old and two for me...he got Reeses Puffs and Cinnamon Toast Crunch...I got Honey Nut Cherrios and Fiber One.....
I have never tried the Fiber One so had it this morning...I can say it was very good....I don't like overly sweet cereals and this one was just has nuts and raisins in the variety I chose.
I've been trying to lose weight and have to confess I often skip breakfast..I am just not a breakfast person but this might change my mind...the calorie content is fairly low and its seems to be filling.....I have lost about 10 lbs so far so am on the right track.Anything that keeps me from getting hungry and low calorie is a winner....
it will be interesting to see what they offer was fun having the clerk ring these up and then putting$ 00 behind them....we did have to do them all separately and the women who was behind us in line was amazed.
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