Saturday, November 13, 2010

Traveling and we got a turkey!

Today we have some odds and ends to do..put smoke detectors in a foreclosed house, re key another one and also check on reported locks that don't work on the third..these are all over the county so lots of is in Torry Pines down in San Diego county....God always is supplying us with work....especially thankful as this time of year is always expensive.

We also picked up a big (and I mean big) turkey for Thanksgiving..its in the freezer now but will probably take all of 3 days to thaw, 23 pounds! Our oldest and his fiancee both have to work on Thanksgiving but there is window of two hours so we will plan on the dinner during that time...I remember having to work holidays..not fun..I don't know who will buy tacos on Thanksgiving so I don't think they'll be busy, do you?