Friday, November 12, 2010

Food Court Musical

My good friend, Kay sent me this video....I would have loved to have been there.....
Kay and I have been best friends forever it high school, she was Eliza Doolittle in the high school play, My Fair Lady. I wonder if her kids know that? LOL.

It was very windy and cool yesterday..lots of leaves in the yard, on the street and elsewhere. I love this time of year. I like to watch the leaves dance down the streets and the trees rustle..each home here originally had a tree in the front yard but some have taken them out, sadness to me as I've always loved big trees. Alan thinks our tree is a maple..we are not sure. Its about 60 ft. tall and beautiful. Its getting down to freezing every night now.

See? Southern California has seasons..just not on the coast. Its probably why so many retirees have moved to this area..they can enjoy the seasons and yet not get the very cold weather like is in the Midwest...we have many people here that were originally from Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin and other Midwest states.
I am baking some pumpkin muffins and the timer just went off so that's all I'll post today.....hope you enjoyed the video!