Monday, November 29, 2010

Hallelujah chorus and a little decorating

This has been going around the Internet viral...beautiful! a wonderful way to start the Christmas season.....
we started a little bit more Christmas decorating...I went through our linens and found one crocheted table topper and when I was at the thrift shop last week, I found a cute little wreath of various Christmas fabrics on a wire frame so I combined them for a holiday candle arrangement..I found one lone red votive candle  holder and raised it with another one
...the wreath was only .50 cents!

 Our youngest son  Matt (19) is going on a 4 day trip up to Northern California with a neighbor who is building their retirement home on the coast.....first time he's been up there so he's borrowing the camera. (Shh..don't tell, but we bought him a nice one as his Christmas gift.)...he loves  photography and I am sure will come back with some good photos to share..he'll be back on Thursday..I will really miss him..he is asking for travel prayers.
There are supposed to be strong winds some areas as high as 50 mph. and its still unseasonably cold...Our normal temperatures this time of year are in the 70s and its been in the 50s all last week and into this week. Plus we had rain again over the weekend. In fact, its been warmer in St. Paul, Minn than here...very weird.....