Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Giveaway and Locksmithing

Linda Stubbs, and her blog, Prairie Flower Farm has done a very generous thing..she has gathered many good cookie recipes from her readers and put  together a free cookbook...its on a pdf file and you can download it here....I contributed two recipes myself that are family favorites..one was my grandmothers and one a Swedish recipe that a co worker of my husbands gave us years ago..both are very good......so please get over and get your copy..you won't be disappointed!

I spent today helping Alan doing some locksmithing...both houses were here in our area so the drive wasn't bad...the first  house was very trashed and run down but had alot of potential to the right buyer. It was in a good neighborhood and had lots of good square feet with a fireplace, lots of storage cabinets (a big plus with moi), 3 bedrooms with a large yard, a covered patio and fruit trees. Needed alot of clean up and work....
The second was a big box house with 6 bedrooms, very modern and clean with wood floors which were very pretty.....way too big for most people and more suitable as a bed and breakfast or a old fashioned boarding house.
We are tired tonight but its a good tired....sorry no photos as the son has my camera..I haven't heard from him yet but that's normal for him...they didn't get started on the trip until early evening yesterday...it takes about 12 hours to get to where they were going in Northern California, Humboldt county. We haven't been up there in years and I envy him..beautiful countryside.......
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