Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our son has been working with a investor who has bought at auction a foreclosed house....the previous owners had left loads of stuff behind....he's brought home a few things (with permission) brought home 3 saucers, matching tea cup (oriental style with no handle ) and there was only one tea cup...I flipped it over and made it into a candle holder with one of the saucers....think it turned out rather nice....glued it together with some glass glue. It makes a perfect candle holder.  The porcelain turkey was inherited......I get it out every Thanksgiving.....I wanted to show you the plate  as its Spode but blogger is not allowing me to post any more photos right now. I'll try again later.......guess I was lucky to post one! Son also brought home some vintage cookbooks, two bags of cinnamon scented pine cones and a cute primitive stuffed bunny..guess he knows what his mom likes, huh?

I am planning on using the pine cones as a Christmas display.....remember the Don Fransico coffee basket I won? the basket was a pale natural color, so yesterday I stained it with some black walnut stain.  Playing around with the idea of trimming the basket with homespun, and piling in the pine cones and other natural materials.....I'll show you when I get it done...that is, if Blogger becomes a little more friendly!

I just realized I have 100 followers now...guess its time for a I can't seem to post photos..I will start this please check back...I'll be giving away redwork towels.....

I am posting this photo later..this morning, Blogger wouldn't let is the Spode plate that he brought home