Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Travels

We  found ourselves in downtown San Diego for the second time this week..this apartment is in escrow and the new owners are moving in soon so the bank had us re key it for them....lovely two bedroom place on the 4th floor.  As we worked, I heard a bell so looked over the balcony and saw the trolly. This is more like a tour bus with a trolly theme.

We walked across the street to the local World Market and found some charming bottles for
making vanilla..also found some fresh vanilla just have to get a bottle of vodka...

The building is only about 3 blocks from the harbor so on our way back, we traveled down to Market Street and spied the cruise ship that had been stranded down in've probably heard about the emergency and the ship being without power or water for a few days..having to be towed back to port.

We  snapped a photo of a old sailing ship that is permanent display, The Star of India...
It is part of the collection of the Maritime Museum.

Lots of driving today....we had the option of doing it on Monday but wanted to take a two day weekend. Hope you enjoy the photos and have a great weekend!