Monday, July 10, 2017


I've been thinking of making a separate blog on cooking. I've inherited tons of good recipes, many of them from the 1930s through 1990s. Basic cooking is always a good thing to know, especially as food prices have risen so much. Its so much cheaper and better (more healthy too!) to cook at home.

I did publish many good recipes here on this blog. Once a week, I did a Grandmas Recipe Box post.

My family  is a family of good cooks. My maternal grandfather had his own bakery back in the 1930s during the Depression and Grandma always made everything from scratch. They also had a big garden, canned and stored food too.  No one went without during this time in our family. They traveled to Montana to the other family farms to get 100 lb. bags of potatoes, carrots, and onions which they stored in a cold storage in the basement of the house. Grandpa also made root beer in the bathtub. My mom and aunts would speak of hearing the pop in the basement when one of the bottles would explode. They also made all types of pickles, relishes, and jams.

                                     Grandpa and Mama in front of the bakery in the 1930s.

My paternal grandparents had a farm and did the same thing.My dad spoke of milking cows and working at the farm. They also had many fruit trees and berry bushes. Years later when I came along, I remember picking berries and running through the tree groves with my cousins. Barefoot and smiling from ear to ear, I'd go into the kitchen with a pail of berries, and my face covered in berry juice. My fingers scratched from the blackberry bushes and happy.

Now, I'm the grandma and I can only hope our grandchildren can have similar memories. Sadly, our dream house is gone but that doesn't mean I can't cook!
You can find the recipes I've published on this blog, here

I also have tons of cook books! My mom collected them before I was born so I have a few of those plus I've collected some myself. I just love cookbooks. The photos alone are wonderful. The cookbook Mama used the most was the one her parents gave her the year I was born..

     Its really worn out now as we used it so much! 
  The cookbook is the America's Women Cookbook. You can still find these on Ebay in better condition. Probably because they weren't used as much as this one.  Even though this book is old, its still a wonderful addition to any kitchen.
  Grandma wrote on the inside cover the year and more.

The inside of the cookbook is in good condition. So many good recipes and beautiful photos

That's about all for today.