Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Coastal Cookery Cookbook

 This is another of my mama's cookbooks. Coastal Cookery, 1947. I'm not sure who published it but it does have a map on the inside...I believe it was given to her when my dad was stationed in North Carolina at Camp LaJune after WWII. Mom worked in the Hospitality House.

         It also says this is the fourth edition so there must be more of these around.

What is interesting is that all the recipes are in the original writing of the contributors. Young people wouldn't be able to read these if they didn't know cursive writing.

There are even recipes for wild game which must have been common then, perhaps?

                    If you click on the photo, it will get larger if you want the actual recipe.
         I have a Amish cookbook also I will share soon.

 I didn't do a post yesterday because my husband had oral surgery. Two teeth had to be pulled and it was rough for him. The bottom tooth was hooked to the bone and took quite a time to get out. His poor gums are black and blue. The tooth broke out in pieces. Then we had had to wait at the pharmacy for a long time as they were so busy. I wanted to  get his pain meds before the Novocain wore off. He's feeling better today and is taking a nap right now as I type this.