Friday, July 14, 2017

Amish Cookbook, Wonderful Good Cooking!

 Soon after we were married in the 1970s, we made a road trip back to Iowa to visit my husband's family. As a California girl, I'd never  been to the Midwest. My family were all located in Washington State so when we did take a trip, it was up and down the west coast.

I was  amazed (and still am) what a wonderful country we live in. Traveling by car in those times was an truly awesome experience. The big interstates hadn't been built yet so there was alot of highways and little towns to go through. Gas was cheap then and hotels just as cheap. Hotel 6 was just that, you could get a hotel room for that price. And it was a decent room.

I think looking back, my main impression was one of green, brilliant green going into Iowa.. Also flat plains, I kept looking in the distance for mountains or hills. That's all I knew and I missed seeing them.
Alan's family were so warm and welcoming to this California native. He has a big family with 9 brothers and sisters so his parents little house was always full of laughter and good times. At that time, his youngest siblings were still living at home and in high school. His mom and dad were the sweetest people and I fell in love with the entire family.

Alan showed me around the small town of Independence. Population 5,000. We walked downtown along the storefronts and the old buildings.
Then we drove out the Amish farms and enjoyed the little shops they had set up on them. In one of them, I bought this cookbook.

 This one has alot of photos, how they got them, I have no idea as the Amish don't like to have their pictures taken. 

                        I even still have the receipt from the purchase!

Here are a few of the recipes, enjoy!