Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Meet Rosemary, 96 years old!

Rosemary is 96 years old, almost 100! She was my mothers doll in the 1920s. She's a big girl, and does need to go the doll hospital but so precious. My dear mama had her at the doll hospital in the 60s and she was beautiful when she returned but needs to go again.

I am wondering just what kind of doll she is, she's not composition. I think she's either papermache or wood based. Her body is stuffed with straw and she even is wearing her 1920s underwear!

The underwear shirt still has all its buttons and her underpants have lost their elastic but still fit. She has her old slip too. The dress was from the hospital visit, 1960s.

I like her pudgy legs...

so if you're reading this and can identify her for me, I would be so grateful! She has no marks that I can see, either on her body, neck or head.