Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Great Grandma's Quilt

This is one of two quilts I inherited from my great grandmother, Mary Roberta, my grandfathers mom. She visited the family in Spokane, Wa one winter in the late 1920s and during that time made two quilts. The time line would make this about 90 years old.
It is beautifully handquilted and the perfect size for a full bed. Its also in wonderful condition as you can see. All done in soft yellow and violet.
I also have another quilt, which I will share tomorrow. Its in a little rougher condition and also I have one that my grandmother made.  It just needs to have the outer binding redone.

these quilts were all used in my grandparents house until they passed. None of the other family wanted them so I guess as the youngest grandchild they fell to me. I cherish them and always wanted to have a guest room to display them.

Here is a photo of Mary and her family, my grandfather as a young boy, and his two sisters, Gladys May and Katie Edith. Poor Katie, the smaller girl on the left, died of the flu, in 1899. She was only 15 at the time. My mom was named after Gladys.

I plan on working more on my family tree and finding out more about the family. I started working on it some time ago but family matters took over so now that we're semi-retired, I hope there will be time to continue my quest.
I do have a Wiki Tree page with what I have so far and its been wonderful meeting others that have added to it. Especially offshoots from my immediate line.
Great grandma's first husband, the father of the the above family, died when my grandfather was only 3 months old. She again married her brother in law, and went on to have 4 more children. I really don't know much about them, nor do I know what really happened to my mothers namesake, Gladys May.. So there is much to find out and explore!