Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Rainy Wednesday and a Bouncing Baby Boy

We had a cold front move in and its been pouring a cold rain all afternoon and into the evening.....Alan's still having problems with his shoulder so he stayed in his chair much of the day, with hot packs....we found the nicest rice hot pack that is used in the microwave...and stays warm for quite a while.....we did have one job this morning and tomorrow have one also...but business has been some ways, its just as well right now....who wants to work in the cold downpour?

Our  youngest son who is 20 is moving back home on the first of March..and our boarder we've had for over two years will be moving soon for Arizona...he's an avid fisherman and he's moving to Lake Havasu, Az. more for the fishing than anything else.....we'll all miss him...I do recommend taking in a boarder as its worked out well for us...

....Jayden has a bouncer that he just loves....when he bounces, lights go off , also music, and comical noises..he just loves it and will play for a long time in it...I've been playing a game with him....when I start jumping up and down, he will bounce and when I stop, he stops...its rather fun..good exercise for Grandma as well as baby..
 Here is a short video, with Grandpa and (a little tired) Jayden.....,,,well, this morning when I came back here, the video says its unavailable..sigh...I'll try loading it into Photobucket and see if that works....

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