Saturday, February 25, 2012

Del Mar Road trip and gas prices

Today we had 3 of which was in Del Mar, Ca.....its a beautiful beach town, famous for horse racing and the county fair.....we re keyed a condo that had been foreclosed...rather sad but it was in a lovely complex with very tropical plants....thought  you might enjoy these few photos...this is a hibiscus...that was growing by the front door. There were many Camilla plants also...some were just in bud but I did find this one with loads of blooms....
on the way out, I spied this honeysuckle......the fragrance was wonderful....

 Del Mar has a web cam where  you can see live the beach is the link  Del Mar Beach Live...we came home rather tired as it was a long ride...a beautiful day with clear blue skies and warm temperatures.

.Gas prices have sure gone up quickly...yesterday we passed a favorite gas station and for reg. unleaded it was $4.11 and today when we went by it was $4.17...the place was very busy as it was the cheapest in town with most stations charging $4.25 or more....when will it end?
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