Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our January Giveaway Winner!

I drew the winner and have notified her...the winner is Melanie and her blog is From Melanie's Home to Yours..

Her blog is beautiful and  hope you drop by and congratulate her...I will be mailing out the stitchery this week to her....

We've had a quiet week, a few jobs...Alan hasn't been feeling well...his shoulder and arm have alot of pain which comes and goes....extreme pain at times...he's quite miserable....we went to see if we could get on the states plan but as we have no children under 18 at home (our grandson doesn't count)....we are disqualified..we're not old enough for Medicare yet...but the good news is we do qualify for a new program order to get accepted though, we have to have a disqualifying letter from the other insurance...go figure..anyway the worker was very nice and said as soon as she gets it, she will mail us a copy and we can apply for the other in a round about way, its all good...what hoops you have to jump to get your needs met, huh?
meanwhile, he's working through the pain, with cold packs, extra strength Tylenol and prayer. Thankfully, locksmithing is not hard physical work......coveting  your prayers...