Friday, February 3, 2012

Celebrity Cookbook

I wanted to let you know more about the Celebrity Cookbook that Nancy Huggins is working sounds really fantastic.....many old stars and alot of new ones is just a very few of the older stars and celebrities  Peter Falk, Johnny Cash, Nancy Reagan,  Bob Hope, Mary Kay Ash, Lady Bird Johnson, Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans....they were all gracious and sent her their favorite recipes.....there will be many more but I am not allowed to mention them at this time.....Nancy did let me publish a few photos.....these photos are of the first cookbook done some years ago.So many of these celebrities are gone now sadly....the second edition should be even better with not only the old recipes but many new stars recipes also.......the proceeds go to animal rescues and shelters. You can order your copy now as I have....they are $25.00. You can contact her through her selling blog, Huggins Haven

She also has  another surprise for us crafters and bloggers but I will save that for another post when I know more about will be a cookbook in which we can all be participants! sounds interesting, huh?