Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Musings

Just a little note,without a camera, I am a not a little handicapped...been doing some stitching and cleaning house our bedroom and hope Alan likes the change....a cleaner fresher look.

Its been so hot outside, our poor garden doesn't look very good...all the beans and squash are gone.and its getting weedy..mostly just corn and tomatoes now....the tomatoes that we planted in large pots are doing the next year, maybe we will go that route instead ,easier to keep the weeds out for sure...and the plants (in boxes Alan built) for carrots and beets are doing well too...I think raised beds are the best and we will go more and more in that direction...we also have shade cloth over the patio so it is cooler and away from the harsh sunlight...

My idea is to use the patio for potted vegetables and the ground where the garden is now, turn into a rose garden with a fountain....we have heavy shelving for garden boxes..