Friday, July 15, 2011

First Day of the Garage Sale I tired! didn't realize how tiring it is to stand for 4 hours but there you have it..we did fairly well on our garage sale..made over $100....and have another sale tomorrow....that is if we can find  more things to put out...the weather was really wonderful which helped .......the only bad thing that happened was a sheriff came by and said we couldn't park the van in the street with a for sale sign on it...said if she came by again and it was there, she would ticket it...go figure..Alan washed off the paint and will re do it after the sale....who knew that ordinance? I surely didn't.
I put out tons of craft patterns but no nibbles....did sell some craft supplies...cinnamon sticks, beads, etc. plus alot of frames....the biggest sale was a pastor and his wife who bought some weights and a weight bench for their son....good to have those things out of the garage....getting rid of things always makes me feel good.lighter somehow....less is more......

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