Thursday, July 14, 2011

Meet a New Blogger, Etsy and a Purchase!

A new blogger and crafter, Freida has opened her blog/shop and I hope you will all welcome her blue grass music and her darling primitive dolls and such......Persnickety Primitives

I hope more people will sign up for my Christmas in July giveaway....would love to get my 100 followers and give away the second set of snowman tags......only have 24 people who signed up so far...this will end on the 31st....I am 20 from the 100 follower goal.....

I have some new tag patterns so am working on those plus  more black work....I am going to start fresh on Etsy within a month or so..with a want to fill it with lots of stitchery and goodies.....It will be called the same as my selling blog..Sweet Home Stitchery.....

I also wanted to show you something I bought!!! after the gloomy month we've had, I decided to treat myself to a little something.....and found through another blogger this wonderful Etsy shop KeepSake Corner..

I ordered this darling candle wrap. we love candles, especially in the fall and I like the larger ones but always hate to have the labels showing.....solved that problem!

its this cute or what?