Sunday, August 30, 2009

We've been having alot of mice in the garage and a few in the house lately....I suppose its because its been so warm (over 100 most days) and Don is storing some dog food in the garage which attracts them.... Bandit are a good mouser. (Smoky is more a fly and bug hunter) and we find dead mice occasionally as little gifts........we've set out traps and caught quite a few.. we don't let the cats into the garage. Good thing I'm not squeamish about mice.
We want to get some metal storage containers to store the pet food in...the little terrorists chewed through the plastic types but metal containers are hard to least at a reasonable price.

Our house is very close to open country, behind our back wall actually...the day before yesterday, a large road runner hopped on the wall and peered over......first time I've seen one here..sorry I didn't get a photo. Handsome bird.

Nancy M. won the contest this week, so I will be contacting her. Be sure to check back this next Friday for the next one....I will try to make it a little more challenging!