Monday, August 3, 2009

Guess who this is?

We drove up to Riverside today to rekey a foreclosed house....very weird...when we first drove up, we weren't sure if there someone living there or looked occupied..but when we called the realtor, he assured us it was was also open..both the slider in the back and the front door....when I opened the slider for the first time..I heard rustling and something skittering away....never did find out what it was...
there were cat litter pans empty cans of cat food on the floor, and the smell was intense..we saw no cats though.
The kitchen looked like someone had just stepped out...very odd..there were groceries in the pantry...I checked the dates on the homemade strawberry jam that was in there....June 1988....
There was alot of furniture, mostly Danish..and a very nice oak upright piano in the living room
(wish I could take that home)..clothes in the closets too..very dirty and dusty though..lots of cobwebs...
we went to work and re keyed 8 locks, secured the windows (the old crank kind) and had trouble as things kept going missing......we couldn't find several locks after we had taken them out.
Once I put a lock down to remove another one..when I went to get it, a huge water bug was sitting on it..yuck..good thing I am not squisism about such things.
The home appraiser came by and introduced herself..she said the owner had died and had over 10 cats....which had been removed several weeks prior.. she had been there two weeks ago but couldn't get in...which surprised me as the house was open when we arrived.

The outside looked as bad as the inside but it was in a nice neighborhood of older houses..probably built in the 1950s....all the other homes were in good repair..

I imagined the kids in the neighborhood probably thought of the house as the "spook house"..I almost imagined the same....Alan and I didn't know if it could be saved as it was in terrible repair..lots of wood rot and termite was surrounded by falling down fences I always say..each job is different. It took us over 2 hours to re key which is very unusual even with 8 locks..we finally found the locks that disappeared, in places we know we didn't put them...spoooky!

Did you guess? Me of course, back in good old 1951....
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